HI Impact Football List of Frequently Asked Questions


How Many Seasons are played in a year? When does the season start?


HIFA currently has 1 season per year for 11 vs 11 Flag & Tackle Football. HIFA’s FALL season will run from August till December to make time for other sports or family activities. See our updated annually HIFA PENDING TIMELINE under handouts.


Is blocking allowed in Flag Football?


Physical blocking is allowed in 11 vs 11 flag football. We believe this to be a good building block for the next level, Tackle. Coaching our youth with Tackle FUNdamentals prepares them for a busy field and physical contact that lead to more confident players when they move up. Blocking CANNOT be done with the elbows or forearms but extended arms are legal prior to initial contact with the defense. In an attempt to remove the flag from the ball carrier, defensive players may contact the body of an opponent with his or her hands. A defensive player may not hold, push or knock the ball carrier down in an attempt to remove the flag.


What kind of playing time can my child expect?


HIFA requires an MPR (Mandatory Play Rule). All players MUST play a minimum of ten (10) plays per game, (five per half), unless there is a disciplinary reason, injury or an “at risk” situation. 


How many players are on a team?


There will be 12-22 players on each team. However, there is a minimum of 11 and a maximum of 26 players per team. We do however reserve the right to stretch these limits if the league or coach deems it necessary.


My Child has never played before is that ok?


Absolutely! We love the opportunity to teach the game of football to a new player. ALL are welcome.


What area do you accept players from?


We accept players and teams from all locations Island Wide. If we don't have a team in your age group or location we will put you on our wait list until one becomes available. We receive new coaches, teams and players daily so the wait should not be that long.


Can I request a coach or friend to be on my child's team?


YES! When you register please inform us of the coach's name, friend, or sibling that you would like to have your child play for or with. Siblings in the same age division will always be placed on the same team when requested.
This allows past players to have the same coach from season to season and for friends to be put on the same team.


How are players placed on teams?


Information regarding teams in your area will be provided to you. There might be a team in your neighborhood but you may request locations that suit you.


What are the age groups?


Children will be placed in their respective age level. If you would like your child to 'Play Up' please email us after you have completed your registration with your child's name, location of play, and age division you would like he/she to play in.

The participant’s age as of July 1st of every year shall be the participant’s league age in all divisions. Example: Senior Tackle, if your child turns 14 July 2nd, that child is eligible to play that season as long as the weight limit is met.





Can my child play in two different age groups?


Players are not allowed to participate in more than one division (i.e. Junior Tackle & Sophomore Flag) at the same time. No dual participation. Players will also not be allowed to play in a younger age group.


Where and when do practices take place?


Practices are held at the home team fields secured by permits from the City & County.

Practice start dates will be as directed by the HIFA Board of Directors each season. The first three (3) practices must be non-contact practices. This rule also applies to all players registering or arriving late.

Divisions may conduct non-contact, non-mandatory conditioning 2 weeks prior to the first practice.

Divisions may practice 12 hours a week until the last week of July.

Upon start of the first week of August practice schedule, teams are only allowed:

     FLAG: 6 hours of practice a week until the end of the season.

     TACKLE: 8 hours of practice a week until the end of the season.


Does the league supply uniforms?


No. Each Organization that is part of HIFA is independently owned and operated. The teams provide uniforms for the players. Each team has to meet the HIFA equipment safety requirements.


What kind of equipment should my child have?


- A water jug
- Rubber cleated shoes. Open toe, open heel or hard soled shoes will not be allowed. NO METAL CLEATS
- Shorts or pants without pockets for FLAG practice and game
- Mouth Pieces are required for Tackle and optional for FLAG

A complete equipment list for tackle can be found under HANDOUTS


When are games played?


Games are held on Saturdays and start times will vary from 8am-2pm at all locations. We usually start with the Tackle divisions first and finish with the Flag divisions.


Will teams play at the same locations?


No, your child will play games island wide at the Home Teams field. The only exception being Championship Weekend (which may be played at a special location).


Do you accept team registrations?


Yes, complete teams are accepted however, every player must fill out a registration and liability release form. We are requesting at least 16 players per team/division and field 2 divisions. If you are unable to get the 16 players or 2 divisions let us know, we would hate to deprive a team the chance to build a future with us.

How much does it cost to register?

Please see current registration form for more info


What is the "Championship" format?


Every team will play in a "Championship" game for their final game. Teams will be matched up with other teams based on similar records.


How do I find out if a game is canceled?


In the rare event that the weather causes us to postpone a game, we will do our best to update the website by 10 am on game day.


Are you accepting coaches? I have little or no experience will I still be able to coach?


Yes, we love having new coaches volunteer their time. We realize that coaches are the backbone of our league so we will do everything in our power to help and train you. You will need to able to pass a background check.


If I have further Questions, who do I contact?


Please call us at 808-391-7035 or by email hiimpactfootball@gmail.com


What does the registration fee cover?


HIFA Fees include, but are not limited to:

8-game flag football season